Safe NEMT Transportation with RouteGenie

NEMT companies, as well as patients with special requirements for transport to healthcare facilities, can now take advantage of the automated RouteGenie software.

This is a unique modern solution that significantly optimizes the transportation process for organizations and passengers with special needs. The mobile app allows you to order transportation in a few clicks, and for the driver – to fully control all processes: from the state of the vehicle, traffic conditions, and traffic to taking into account the needs of a particular passenger.

Previously, to call for special transport, a patient with special needs had to call a special service. At the same time, the passenger had to explain specific needs: the type of vehicle, its equipment (presence of a wheelchair, stretcher, etc.). Today, thanks to the development of the RouteGenie application, this need is completely eliminated!

It is enough to indicate the diagnosis and some additional data in the special field only once, after which the system automatically selects the appropriate transport. The mission of the software is to transport passengers with special needs more comfortably and safely, and for NEMT drivers and companies to optimize time resources. 

The key advantages of RouteGenie are the following ones:

  1. an accessible and intuitive interface, 
  2. assistance, 
  3. a support service. 

With this program, NEMT’s business will be in good hands and can also become more profitable by reducing the need for human resources. There will be no more need to handle calls, which previously took a lot of time. The application will do all the work automatically, which means you don’t need to involve third-party specialists.

The capabilities of this application are in planning routes, dates, and times, in the presence of such functions as traffic status in real-time, vehicle control, driver calls, cancellations, requests, additional requirements, and other options. RouteGenie is a complete suite of options for patients with special needs, drivers of the respective vehicle categories, and NEMT companies.

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