Acrylic Paint Canvas Benefits

One of the most popular choices for art students who are just starting out in their formal art education is to start making an acrylic paint canvas. This is because it allows a student to be more experimental with their art while still being able to have a safe and easy way to display their […]

VPS Server Hosting – What it is and How it Benefits You

VPS server hosting is one of the two basic types of web hosting services, dedicated or shared. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual platform sold as a service from an Internet service provider to subscribers. The virtual private server has a very similar meaning to a dedicated host. With VPS hosting, you are […]

Who needs VPS Hosting in Hong Kong

Renting a Virtual Private Server, or shortly VPS, can be a great decision for an online business. VPS is suitable for websites that have frequent updates of databases. For example, you can rent a dedicated server to host an e-commerce website, an advertising campaign, or an online application.  VPS is a password-protected space in a […]

IP Addresses

Every server on the internet is assigned a unique number – an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This number can be thought of as a ‘telephone number’ which allows other computers to find and access files no matter where they are. The IP  address is 4 bytes (32 bits). Each byte is known as an octet […]

From Registering A Domain To Getting It Online

Before getting a web site on line you need to have a domain name. These are the familiar web addresses such as that most browsers use to find a particular web site. Domain names, in fact, are pointers to a particular IP address and we use them because they are easier to remember than […]